Deus Ex Machina?

After Sunday services, Jack, Sam and I went to our favorite Indian restaurant for brunch and some friendly banter. After an hour or so of swapping light-hearted anecdotes of family and friends, we became mindful of our surroundings, and conversation inevitably turned to Eastern spirituality.  Just then the check came, and I signed the credit card receipt.

“Hey Bob, I didn’t know you were a lefty.  You do know that we southpaws are in our right minds.”  “Funny you should mention that Jack, because it reminds me of a story about this guy who had the entire left side of his body surgically removed.  “No kidding”, said the other two in unison.  “Yeah, but he’s all right now.”  Forcing a half-smile, they rolled their eyes as if to say, “Duh! Got me!”

Finishing our tea, I brought up the subject of puns.  Jack was quick to add, “I don’t even know the correct definition of a pun.”  Sam asked: “Isn’t it where two words sound the same but have different meanings? “No, I think that’s a homophone, but I’ll double-check to be sure.”

Holding up my cell phone, smiling, I said, “Isn’t technology great?  With a couple pushes of a button, I can tap into the sum total of humanity’s recorded history right here in my hand.  Thank God for Google!  Well, let’s see: Oh, here it is!  I can’t believe this.  Listen!”

Pun. Noun,      The humorous use of a word or phrase, so as to emphasize or suggest 

                         its different meanings, for example; A man had the entire left side of his body

                         surgically removed, but he’s all right now.”

Jack and Sam looked at each other, shaking their heads, as if to say “He’s got to be making it up.”  So I held the phone up for each to read it, to their amazement.

Do you believe in things that are beyond coincidence?  I do. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Sometimes, if you really pay attention, you will see and hear things that will make any doubting Thomas a believer.

Thanksfor indulging me with my random ramblings. More to Come.


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2 responses to “Deus Ex Machina?

  1. I, too, have had similar experiences. Really makes one wonder, doesn’t it?

    • It almost seems as though the more attention you pay to it the more revealing it becomes. I truly believe it’s a form of intuition that we all have, but not everyone recognizes it. A trait that can be practiced and perfected.

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