Shadow Knight: Dark Justice

With the release of Shadow Knight: Dark Justice only three weeks away, I wanted to share an excerpt with you.

Zeb lived further out of town than he should. As sheriff, he knew he needed to live closer, but he also knew he needed to get away from all the noise and aggravation, even if only for a little while. He had lived in town when he first became sheriff, but it was too convenient for the townsfolk. Citizens knocked on his door at all hours of the day and night for any little reason. Having to ride the three miles to his place at least made them try to solve problems before sending for him.
The little house he shared with his daughter was a pretty place and the ride was usually pleasant. When he got there, Emily would fuss at him for being so late for dinner. She always did. He’d hear how she had cooked dinner, had everything ready, and now it would not be worth eating. He’d smile at her, apologize for being late, kiss her on the forehead and eat a meal that seemed to him far from “not worth eating”. He chuckled. He was glad she was still home. Most of Emily’s friends had married years ago but she didn’t seem to be able to find anyone to suit her. He sometimes wondered if it might be because she thought he needed her to look after him. His leg pained him again, probably from scuffling with the cowhands during the day. He rode easy, trying to relax. In a patch of woods, the moonlight filtered down through the leaves, creating small patches of shadow on the ground. Coyotes called back and forth breaking the stillness of the night. The soft thump of the horse’s hooves hitting the ground echoed off the trees. This alone was a good reason to live this far out from town.
No lights shone from the house as Zeb headed up the little knoll. Emily usually waited for him to get home before going to bed, so she must be more peeved than usual. He stabled his horse quickly. Then, crossing the yard, he saw the water bucket overturned by the well. Emily would never have left it lying on the ground. Something is wrong! He raced to the well and looked down into the dark depths. Could she have leaned over and fallen?


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2 responses to “Shadow Knight: Dark Justice

  1. Oh wow. That’s a cool excerpt.

  2. J. Busskohl

    Very nice!

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