Quinn’s Tahitian Hut – by Paul J. Stam

I woke up in the middle of the night and started thinking back to my sailing days; specifically about Quinn’s bar.

1-quinnsQuinn’s was the quintessential South Sea’s bar. Right on the waterfront; it was loud, dirty, boisterous, smoky, bawdy and famous. Anyone who had ever sailed into Papeete prior to 1973 has squandered his money in Quinn’s.

James Norman Hall, best know for his book, Mutiny on the Bounty, and James Michener of Hawaii fame and other better known writers frequented Quinn’s.

The original, legendary Quinn’s is just a memory now. It was torn down in 1973 and replaced with an air-conditioned store catering to tourists. The Sheraton Hotel took the name for one of its bars,

My wife never let me go into Quinn’s alone. it was a free-wheeling bar with no restrictions of any kind and a guy alone, who was obviously not local, was quick to get propositioned. There were frequent fights over the girls and the girls were friendly.

There was only one toilet with a ragged curtain as a door. it was not uncommon to have a girl come in to squat over the trough while a guy stood at the trough in the floor that had water continually flowing in it. I once had a girl come in while I was peeing and hoisting her skirt squat down look at me and say, “You want me hold for you?” No wonder my wife didn’t want me going to Quinn’s alone.

So there I was, unable to sleep after a great week in the studio thinking about how I was going to work Quinn’s Tahitian Hut, better known as Quinn’s bar, into “It Ain’t Necessarily So!” It is an autobiography, which is my current work in progress, hence the name. But that comes after my Africa days so I’ll think it through later.

But damn, my wife, our son and I had a wonderful 8 years of sailing the islands of the South Pacific and I can’t wait to get to writing that part of it in “It Ain’t…”


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  1. Paul, I can’t imagine what it must have been like sailing the South Pacific for 8 years with your family. It sounds so romantic, but I’m sure there had to be times of tribulation. Opportunities like that are rare in this world and I’m sure you treasure the memories of that time.

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