In Your Own Back Yard

I awoke to an early-morning birdsong symphony, then held a steaming cup of coffee to my mouth, with swirling vapors escaping into the ether as I breathed in the dawn’s newness.  Looking out over the expanse of green grass and trees rolling to the hills, the sun announced its presence overhead, evaporating the last wisps of evening mist, I am overcome, by Nature’s almost sacred beauty.  It filled me with a feeling of Interconnectedness; almost as if I were awakening for the very first time.

A chipmunk scurried through the leaves, having vacuumed up his morning fill.  The polyphonic melodies of the Blue Jays, Cardinals, Finches, Mourning Doves, reminded me how intimately we all share the same space, and time.  We are every bit as much in their habitat, as they are in ours.  We may consider insects, and other “lower” forms of life as nothing more than picnic crashers or pests, but the reality is that on almost every square inch of almost every continent on Earth, the ratio of wildlife to human is astronomically mind-blowing.  And when you consider the absolutely alien nature of some of our co-inhabitants, crabs, sharks, spiders, snakes, mosquitoes, there are creepy-crawlies enough for every imagination.  Not to mention the microscopic hordes that symbiotically call our bodies home.  And among this menagerie we do somehow miraculously coexist, and will continue to do so as long as Man holds up his end of the primordial bargain, and maintains stewardship of this planet all we call home; and the jury is still out on that one!

In my contemplation, I thought of how in today’s nonstop world, most people feel outside of Nature; our language gives us away: we must conquer Nature, Everest, space, our fears, you name it!  But actually, the opposite is true, there’s nothing to conquer; we are not outside of Nature, we are an integral part of it.  We may try in vain to fence Mother Nature in or out according to our whim.  We can put up houses and fences, industries and huge monuments to our greatness, and all the while our machinations only serve to thwart Nature.  We put up all kinds of barriers, but you can see through them when you listen deeply and realize that birds are not here to entertain us with their melodies, but are either calling for a mate, or claiming his turf.  Listen closely and you can hear the call and reply, from tree to tree, nest to nest, outside of our artificial boundaries across migration paths of other animals.  Those selfsame boundaries are limited only by our imagination.

As I continued to ponder it all, my Stream of Consciousness inevitably carried me back to my immediate surroundings, and the serenity of the moment.  I caught sight of a bluebird in mid-flight, and the passing of the shadows as the sun began its slow march toward the horizon.  And as today slowly slipped into yesterday, I felt that the world had changed somehow, then realized that the only thing different was my perspective.  Everything was as it was before; my neighbor was mowing  his lawn, another washed his car, and a dog barked up the street, as always.  “Yes, we are all interconnected” I said to myself, grinning.

As my long internal dialog continued, the shadows of night approached and I found that I had spent an entire day from dawn to dusk in a state of total reverie, having witnessed life’s awakenings, its comings and goings.

With the sun’s glow fading, and evening shades growing, I slipped inside, away from the night, and closed the door on a long day.  And as I threw the deadbolt against the night, it dawned on me: such a long journey, and I never even left my own back yard.


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3 responses to “In Your Own Back Yard

  1. How true. But maybe trying to conquer nature is part of the same “growing up” that drives us to conquer family ties and move out, on, away… and back again.

    • On a spiritual evolution of our species.
      I love the way you you took the idea and expanded it to such a Cosmic level (and back again). It’s a very effective technique!

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