All These Years by Ginger King

It’s nice to look back over your life isn’t it? The places you’ve been, and the people you’ve known are all part of you, they all shape you in tiny or grand ways.   What if you lost the ability to understand your past choices because you had no memory?  There could still be consequences to face, the physical ramifications of our life choices don’t go away simply because we do not remember.

Accidents, temporary or permanent amnesia, or Alzheimer’s disease rob people of their memories more often than we could imagine, and yet their life goes on.  New choices forging a new daily existence.  Even in those who are very successfully moving forward with a new life have flashes of their old self.  Sometimes it’s  an image, but more times than not it is music that causes memory to come flooding back.  And it may be brief, and sometimes confusing, but the memory is still there, simply suppressed.

I loved my grandmother very much but for most of the time we knew one another, she didn’t recognize me.  Perhaps one day there will be a key to repairing lost connections in the minds of those whose memories seem to be lost forever.  Perhaps it will also be able to preserve the new memories made in the meantime.  Otherwise folks will still have memory loss.  Which is the true self?  Either way if it is regain old memories and dump new, wouldn’t you still then constantly wonder, “What have I been doing All these Years?”

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  1. It’s strange to think how much our memories define our identity. Scary too when you imagine those memories lost.

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