I’m Not a Hipster, I Swear – Chelsea Bolt

For whatever reason in today’s society, hipsters are looked down upon. I mean, I guess that group of people has a similar social stigma to that of the hippies in the 1960s, but I can’t really see that because hipsters have not really shaken up society, they just kind of bother those average people who uphold society’s norms (also known as basics). The premise of this post is not to hate on hipsters, but I just want to emphasize the fact that I am not one, even though I exhibit signs of hipsterism.

What are hipsters? Glad you asked. Hipsters are people who try their darndest to keep from conforming to mainstream culture. They have been known to only listen to music created by artists that do not play on the radio; in fact they only listen to music on vinyl or another form of outdated technology. Perhaps that hipster style crosses over to their clothing choice as well. Oversized glasses, flannel/plaid shirts, or any other articles of clothing found at the local thrift store may be draped across their bodies. If the above description is not clear enough, picture how your grandparents dress and act, but picture them as a twenty year olds with an edgy hairstyle.

Confession time: I indulge in some of the hipster ways. In fact, there are quite a few practices I have picked up that at face value may make me seem very hipster. I own and use a film camera from the 1980s, but I only use it because I like the nostalgia of hearing the film winding sound and the camera actually takes better pictures than my iPhone. I also listen to many artists that do not play on the radio, but in all fairness, bluegrass is not frequently played on the radio (Mumford & Sons do not count). I also do prefer buying a CD instead of purchasing an album on iTunes, because I like to party like it’s 1997. Besides, I also enjoy the sweet tunes of Ellie Goulding and can belt out every tune from any Disney animated film as well so I’m not totally a music snob. Okay, I’ll admit, I love flannel and plaid.  It is warm, fuzzy, and it makes me feel like a lady lumberjack, but this is not a recent development friends, I’ve been wearing flannel and plaid since 5th grade. I can’t help it that I grew up in a town that praised the antics of Bo and Luke Duke. I swear, I’m not a hipster.

Chelsea Bolt is a Second Wind author of the young adult novel Moonshine. For more information check out these sites: 





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2 responses to “I’m Not a Hipster, I Swear – Chelsea Bolt

  1. Cute post, Chelsea! You made me smile. I think I’ve got a little hipster in me, too.

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