Thinking in Pictures, by Sheila Deeth

I joined Pinterest. H-E-L-P. I have a page at and I’m “pinning” pictures to it. Sometimes I “repin” and wonder what it means. Then I join groups and find their folders added to my page, which is a good thing, right? I think… Maybe…

To be honest, Pinterest really shouldn’t scare me so much. I’ve always loved drawing. I might even be the last person around who can claim to love Microsoft Draw. But words are my first love, and how will posting pictures get people to read them?

I joined Google+ where I have another e-page at That link is filled with glorious images too. Then I joined a picture group and played with… words. So what do you think?

I tried so hard, but the text still disappear into petals and leaves. The background’s too full of things to see, I guess. But what about this? (And yeah, I really do like coffee!)

I took this photo with empty space left for words, so perhaps I’ve got it sussed. And in fiction, maybe the trick’s to make sure I don’t let the background get cluttered. I’ll try to take my own advice as I work on Subtraction today, but here’s the beginning of Part 2, where I introduce Andrew’s childhood friendship with Evie. I hope it might whet your appetite, and I hope it doesn’t clutter up the tale of his future too much.

Ten-year-old Evelyn, neat, tiny, and wreathed in long dark curls, was playing with eleven-year-old Andrew on the ground behind their houses. A neighbor’s cat had climbed the old oak tree that rose from summer’s unwatered dust and debris. Evie pranced among twisted roots as if the ground burned her feet. “You’ll have to rescue it, Andrew!” Hands flew to her hips while her skirt swung wide. Meanwhile Andrew thought of an unrescued red rubber ball lost somewhere in undergrowth. Finding that would be much more interesting. But Evelyn shouted again. “Andrew, you’ll have to climb up there and carry it down.”

Scents of green dripped around him with drifting leaves. Scents of brown kicked up from the dry earth around Evie’s feet. And emerald eyes stared out among the shadows of a black cat’s fur.

Ever-practical, Andrew measured the lack of earth-bound branches and the width of the old oak’s trunk. He angled his fingers out from his thumb, stared past them, then answered solemnly, “No way.”

“But you’ll have to, Andrew!” Evelyn’s stamping feet threw puffs of dirt around her legs.

So Andrew asked, “How?”

Sheila Deeth is the author of Divide by Zero, published by Second Wind Publishing. Her second novel, Infinite Sum, will be released soon, and Subtraction is the third novel in the series.



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3 responses to “Thinking in Pictures, by Sheila Deeth

  1. Sheila, wonderful pictures described wonderfully well.

  2. You’ve mastered Pinterest and Google +? You’re doing great!

  3. You took the plunge – that’s the important thing. The rest will come with ease and become fun soon enough.

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