Why not Fantasy by John E. Stack

You know, sometimes you just have to have an escape. Life gets tough, people get rude and jobs get overbearing, so you just need to get away. But, either you can’t take the time or you just plain can’t afford it.

I’ve traveled to many places. I’ve visited almost all of the US and several locations abroad and they all have one thing in common – the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You have to go here or be there and you have to wait to see the next big attraction. You have to go through security where if they don’t search you, they still have to search your baggage. It is really difficult to enjoy yourself when you have to meet a time schedule. And, the cost, no matter what you do it is expensive.

We once visited London, England. The flight was long and expensive. The hotel was beautiful but outrageous. A good formulated, name brand coffee was the same price as it was here in the US, but when you took in account the exchange rate you were paying almost $8 a cup (the novelty wore off rather quickly). And, the crowds were unbelievable. All of that for a little rest and relaxation.

Where I most enjoy going when I really get stressed is a good book. I have traveled to many places, lands, and planets. I have seen sights that no one else could imagine. Sometimes beasts talk and often they are smarter than we are. Many times there is magic, or elves, or things you can barely comprehend.

I read a few different genres of books. I read the Bible often and especially when I need to be lifted up, and there are many good Christian authors that I enjoy for spiritual enlightenment. I’ve tried the true stories about someone’s life, but I live real life and sometimes it is not exciting, not humorous and not inspirational.

I’m also retired military. I do not like stories about war or battles or how flawed our military is. These too are about real life. I’ve been there and trained for that. No matter how you paint the picture these are not about victory, they are about death. Again, not fun, not relaxing, not exciting.

Once in a while I will pick up a mystery just to get my brain thinking again. Still not my favorite read.

I love to take a stroll through a forest and end up in a different world where the laws of the mundane are totally rewritten. I enjoy reading about and meeting beings other than men, where lives are lived differently, a lot simpler and maybe, just maybe a touch of magic. To see the ground riding on the back of a fire breathing dragon or race a horse across a grassy plane, how exciting is that?

I also like to write fantasy. I enjoy creating worlds where people have adventures or maybe a little child saves the day. I like worlds where people can change to animals, where they have their own special language, and where my imagination can run free, if only for a little while.

Many people I know will not read fantasy. They consider it silly fabrications and will only read stories about real people or historical novels. That is okay, but just not for me.

Cornelia Funke wrote several years ago that every book is a window to another world. Think of all the windows there are out there to look through. And, you never know what or who you may find

***John E. Stack is the author of Cody’s Almost Trip to the Zoo, Cody’s Rescue Adventure at the Zoo, and Olivia’s Sweet Adventure.


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3 responses to “Why not Fantasy by John E. Stack

  1. I love that Cornelia Funke quote. I love fantasy. And I love this post.

    Who knows; maybe next time someone asks me why I like fantasy I’ll have a more intelligent answer thanks to you.

  2. As a reader, I’m an escapist, too, John. You mention Cornelia Funke. I love her books. I’m a Harry Potter fan and Lord of the Rings nut. I could go on and on. These books are exciting and relaxing to me. And, judging how well the fantasy genre is faring these days, I’d say we’re not alone. Yaaaaay!

  3. When I was a police officer all I read were mystery stories – go figure. One day, a fellow officer told me to read “The Hobbit” – I fell in love with that genre immediately. I read everything I could get my fingers on from Piers Anthony to Tolkien and everything in between. Then, the sci/fan books started getting too dark for me. So, I wrote my own. Currently, I am working on book five in the series and loving my characters – even the villains. The baby dragon is now a “teen-ager,” and he is growing fast. I’m with you and Coco – Yaaaaay for Science Fantasy.

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