Red and Black, by Sheila Deeth

Just how did Sylvia get from this

to this?

I should have known better than to let her loose with Paint on my computer. But if you want to know more, you’ll have to look out for Infinite Sum, coming soon from Second Wind Publishing. She wrote it all down when I let her loose with Word. So now Divide by Zero will be part of a real ongoing series, and my dreams are coming true. Meanwhile, in Sylvia’s nightmares…

A slash of red; a slash of black; and Sylvia’s paintbrush turns beauty turns into terror and darkness again. Her youngest child is almost ten, but Sylvia’s world seems destined to fall apart. Her therapist believes the answers lie in her art, but will they be found among boxes and frames in the attic, or in the angry colors she pours onto canvases in class? As memories new and old pile ever higher, Sylvia learns life is more about the infinite promise of joys to come than the sum of things done. Even so, will her nightmares let her go?

Sheila Deeth is the author of Divide by Zero, published by Second Wind Publishing. Her second novel, Infinite Sum, will be released soon.

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  1. The contrast of the two photos says it all – very intriguing!

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