Shadow Knight: Dark Justice

As another month rolls around, I look back on the last year and stand amazed. The past year saw the release of my murder mystery, Death in a Small Town and Survival the sequel to Extinction. Now I look forward to the release of my fourth novel, Shadow Knight: Dark Justice.

In the summer of 1875, a cutthroat band of outlaws raid homesteads in south Texas and kidnap young women. One of the captives is Emily Watson, the pretty daughter of Sheriff Zeb Watson. The kidnappers’ trail heads toward the Mexican border. Should the outlaws cross the Rio Grande, the authorities will be helpless to get the women back. A telegram confirms that the gang kidnaps women to sell, and they have crossed the border. In one desperate last-ditch gamble, Zeb enlists the aid of his brother whom he has not seen in fifteen years– a man with a dark and deadly past. Accompanied a beautiful mysterious woman, the three rescuers dare to cross into Old Mexico.

Can the brothers put aside their past? Will they be able to overcome the outlaws? Or will they die and leave the women to face slavery or death.
Emily looked up from her cooking to gaze out the kitchen window. A hint of rain floated on the breeze though the overcast sky. The house where she and her father lived was small, but it had more than ample room for just the two of them. Her mother had died five years earlier from an infection that festered and refused to respond to the medicine. Emily readily assumed responsibility for their home and for her father. As she poured the last of the water into the stewpot, Emily sighed. She would have to fetch more water to finish the biscuits.

Swinging the bucket and humming to herself, she strolled to the well. In spite of the clouds, the fall day was beautiful. She dropped the shiny tin bucket on the ground. The old rope and handle squeaked as she lowered the well bucket into the water. She let it settle all the way under to get to the cooler water below and avoid trash and bugs that might float on the surface. The noise of the crank kept her from hearing the footsteps until the bucket settled. Startled, she turned. Two men stood behind her. One was a smaller Mexican, the other, a large Indian. The Indian grabbed her, and the Mexican stuffed a rag into her mouth before she could scream. The Indian shoved her roughly face down onto the ground and held her hands behind her and the Mexican pulled a short length of rope from his pocket and tied her hands. The Indian yanked her to her feet.

The Mexican spoke, “Senorita, you give us trouble…we hurt you.”

The large man hoisted her over his shoulder, and they ran quickly down the road to a covered wagon. Several men at the wagon stood watch.

One of the men growled impatiently, “Brown Bear, throw her in the wagon. We must go.”

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  1. Scary excerpt. Sounds an interesting novel.

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