Apologies to everyone…

Boy did I goof up, I was supposed to blog here yesterday and I got so caught up in a new book I forgot, so sorry…

Have you ever done that? I haven’t before but I guess there is a first time for everyone and hopefully it will be my last.

Anyway, I’m supposed to have a new release coming February 1st, so I’m waiting for that to come around. Don’t know if it will happen but I hope so. This will be book two of the River’s Foundation series called Cards of Justice. In book one we found brother Briar in a hot mess, this time Big brother Aaron or rather Aaron’s wife in the hot seat. When A killer gets her involved in his crimes. Aaron and his brothers have to catch the guy before he can get to Aaron’s wife. Did I mention Aaron’s wife is expecting a baby? Oh yeah, she is, but never fear Mom and baby will be fine.

Hopefully the edits and the cover will be done soon. I just love it when a book comes together. I don’t know how often this happens to other authors but at some point my characters take over. I can think up and write out an outline with really great ideas but my characters don’t always agree with me. They have taken me to some really odd places and sometimes where they go gives me more insight to their own personalities. Its very often a fun ride.

I, like every author, like to create the perfect characters for my books, but once created they do not always behave the way they should. Sometimes it’s fun to set them up and sit back and watch to see what they will do in certain situations. They never fail to amuse me. By this time in the book they have come alive for me.

Man, I love when that happens, even after thirty books and counting it never fails to give me a thrill…

I’m off for another go round today. Thanks for listening, ttyl


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2 responses to “Apologies to everyone…

  1. My character is busy talking to me when I should be listening to my husband and my mum. But the book is growing so that’s good. And yes, I’ve forgotten blog posts. I even ended up typing one (late) on my phone at Heathrow airport while waiting for the bus.

  2. glad to know I’m not the only one then!

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