Ringing in the New Year

happy_new_year_2015_clip_art_wallpaperIt’s that time of year again.  It seems like just yesterday I was actively reminding myself to write 2014 on checks and other documents.  By Friday, I will have to bump that up again.

I don’t know about you, but I always seem to spend this time of year planning for the next.  I don’t mean the dreaded “New Year’s Resolution.”  No, I never make those.

According to Statisticbrain.com, 45% of Americans usually make resolutions, but only 8% are successful in achieving them —  24% fail year after year.  (Then again, people who make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who never make resolutions, so there is that…)

In a weird lesson of semantics, I don’t make resolutions.  But I do set goals for each year.

In fact, starting on Samhain—better known as Halloween—I start evaluating my year.  Well, I probably truly start in August when my personal calendar turns another page.  I find those are good times to review my plans and see where I still need some work.

But it’s this time between Christmas/Yule and the arrival of “baby new year” that turns my attention to the goals I want to set for the next 365 days.

I set these goals for every aspect of my life….from my health goals to my community service ones, all broken down into baby steps to make the goals attainable. (Well, attainable if I take the steps, that is.)  I even print those goals out and post them next to my computer where I am sure to see them every day.  Of course my writing life is included in that list.

For this year, my two big writing-related goals are this:

  • To finish “A Killer Yarn.” This will be my third book, but it’s not a Cerri Baker mystery.  Allison Weber is the heroine of this novel, which takes place in a small town in western South Dakota.
  • To finish an as-yet-unnamed Cerri novel set in the Nebraska panhandle.

Both of those stories have been dancing around my head for awhile and “A Killer Yarn” is almost ready for the editing processes.  Surely by spring.

And so, as the clock winds down only to start up again, I’m curious.  Do you set goals?  Make resolutions?  What do wish 2015 has in store for you?

Happy New Year and Blessings on you!

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