Broken Open ~ by Ginger King

You’ve no doubt heard the saying that sometimes when things are falling apart, they may be falling into place.  This is so true for the protagonist of my novel DIAMOND ROAD.  Jamie has so many ways her life is broken, and yet there is a sense of purpose in each break, if only she could see it.  That’s true of everyone’s life.  If we could look back and appreciate many of the heartache and troubles we’ve encountered for the stepping stones they are in our life, we could see that indeed sometimes we are broken ~ OPEN. Teaser poster One of Jamie’s breaking points is expressed in the following excerpt: “Jamie, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you cry.” He put the guitar down and took hers away. Then he knelt beside her and put his arms around her. He whispered, “I’m sorry.” His shoulder was bare in the tank top he was wearing and it fell exactly where her lips were. Instinctively she kissed it and said, “It’s not your fault.” “I just hate that I didn’t go back to stay.” She sobbed out loud and made such a mournful noise the likes of which he had never heard come from a human. It was guttural like a wild animal when they growl. “Jamie”, he held her by the arms and leaned back. “What in the world, baby what are you holding back? I know this isn’t just because of Link.” She held her head low and tried to get her breath, but she cried the words out. “Thayer wouldn’t let me go.” Josh knew he hated Thayer, for laying hands on his one true love but to prevent someone from going to basically their father’s funeral. That took a whole new level of bastardom. “What do you mean Jamie? He told you that you couldn’t go?” She said, again through tears and a vocal pattern that seemed to be forced out the back of her throat mingling with the tears. “He caught me before I got to the Pennsylvania line… I am so sorry. Oh God.” She doubled over as if in physical pain now. Josh tried to pull her up but it was difficult. She had melted down the front of the chair into his arms, and trying to stand with her was like making a toddler stand when they don’t want to. “Baby please stop crying.” he pleaded. They just leaned over into somewhat seated positions on the floor. He looked into her eyes and promised her that Link understood. He knew that Kansas represented death to her despite all of the happy memories that were there too.

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