I like it. What, you ask? The new audio cover for my Second Wind print novel. Let me explain. Recently a company that produces audio books agreed to turn my novel The Phantom Lady of Paris into an audio book. It will shortly be available. The novel’s narrator has completed his work, and I have been sent an image of what the work’s cover will look like. Someone with a lot of imagination and a great deal of artistic knowledge has created a cover with a Parisian motif that is done in an impressionistic style. The style is similar to that of Edgar Degas.

The same story. A new face. A new media form.



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3 responses to “A NEW FORM; A NEW FACE

  1. Beautiful cover, very evocative. Congratulations and good luck with it.

  2. Congratulations, Calvin!!!! Beautiful cover!!!!! Best of luck with it!!!!!

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