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Good morning from the Midwest, actually Wisconsin. It’s a bit nippy here this morning but I’ve got the pellet stove going to the house is nice and toasty.
Currently I started working on a book called Through the Seer’s eyes and it’s going great guns- over 14,000 words in the last three days- this for me is great. I’m trying something different- a romantic suspense. I have to expand my writing all the time or risk getting stuck in a rut.
I’m happy to say I have a new book coming out next week, at least it’s supposed to come out next week, the last I heard they didn’t have a cover yet- I’ve emailed twice on it but got no response yet. The name of the new release is In Search Of Justice- When his nephew commits a crime with no memory of doing anything wrong, forensic scientist Alec Maleet looks into case. What he finds is a deadly surprise. When he walks out of a hospital before he can be arrested for murder Detective Gage Santanna goes after him. Can they stop what seems to be a conspiracy before anyone else is murdered or will they be silenced before the truth is known?
I also am happy to announce yet another book with Second Wind- coming sometime early next year- Cards of Justice- the second in my Rivers Foundation series. The first was A Murder in her Past- where I introduced you to Briar Rivers and his brothers, Aaron, Cade Elliot and Quinn. Cards deals with a situation concerning Aaron and his wife Karen- When a judge’s wife gets an email about a murder, the killer lulls her into a dangerous game of catch me before I find you.
I have plans to write about all five brothers in this series.
I just love taking a single idea and turning it into a book, it takes a lot of work but it’s worth every moment. It can be nerve racking, soul sucking, and teeth grinding but man it is so much fun, especially when you get in a groove and the words fly off the page. I wouldn’t do anything else. Yes it can be a lonely business but it really isn’t. you have your characters with you at all times, they eat with you and sleep with you and until the day you write The End they are around, prodding and poking you, taking you places you wouldn’t go on your own, at least mine are.
You get to know the characters you create as real people, you know what they like and don’t like, how they dress, how they think, what they hold dear and what they can live without. They become your friend or your enemy. God how can anyone pass that experience up? I know I can’t…
Did I mention I love writing?

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  1. It’s so cool when those characters become s real community. So mane stories to be told

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