A New Adventure By Ginger King


When I think about the characters in my soon to be released debut novel, I wish I could hang out with them, talk to them and take road trips with them.

Jamie is such a complex character but then again, most women are. What sets Jamie apart? Her past has shaped her character in significant ways she isn’t even fully aware of. She has been running from the emotions that make her fearful of getting to close to anyone else she might hurt. Even her new life thousands of miles from home has not allowed her to escape the past. In fact she may be repeating it. You’ve no doubt heard “You can’t go home again”. Well sometimes it’s the one place you need to get a fresh start.

Josh and Tyler are brothers who grew up on a farm near Jamie. Their lives have been intertwined with her by aviation, geography and tragedy. One brother has always chased Jamie and tried to protect her, sometimes even from herself. The other is a charismatic prankster who seems aloof but has a much deeper side. She ran from them both, and it will take both of them to save her.

I guess in a way in have had conversations with these folks and been on road trips with them. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it and hope you will as well.


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5 responses to “A New Adventure By Ginger King

  1. Sounds like a great read, Ginger. It’s an intriguing premise and your characters sound wonderful. I love books about going home and trying to escape the past – when it’s impossible. (On a personal note – sorry I wrecked the queue and impinged on your posting spot. I was supposed to have posted yesterday and… long story you don’t want to hear… I was hoping to slip in before you posted so we’d still be in the right order, checked to make sure you hadn’t posted yet, did my blog, and then had to answer a few phone calls, and you beat me to the punch. I will try not to do it again!

  2. I’m sure I shall enjoy meeting them in words

  3. bethkd

    I have known your adventurous spirit from the beginning and you amaze me with each new avenue you take! This is going to be awesome sis!

    • Well, knowing about them, and being along for the ride… well that’s a whole other thing. You are one of my favorite partners in crime, more than a sister, a best friend sister! Thanks Beth! Love you

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