Downloading and editing that journal, by Sheila Deeth

I run a local writers group at our neighborhood library and we had this great idea: let’s publish a journal! To be fair it’s not the first time we’ve had this great idea, but we’re a growing group and this new journal has quite a lot of entries, all written with different conventions on different word processors, all in need of being made to fit together. It’s a bit like doing a jigsaw I guess,  and I’m glad I’ve got lots of willing helpers. But getting it all into one document for everyone to work on – that was my job this last week, and I’ve gained an even greater respect for editors and compilers of anthologies.

First there were those empty lines after paragraphs, which turned into excess white space when I let Word insert is own paragraph breaks. Then there are the paragraph indents – three spaces, five spaces, random numbers of spaces and tabs interchanged… or a nicely consistent half inch. Next came the double spaces after periods, making sentences stretch like languid snakes across the page (or inchworms perhaps)… And then… And then…

But I’ve done it and sent the file to our friendly neighborhood editors – fellow members of the group. I’ll leave it to them to check spelling and grammar and see if the section headers I chose make sense… And then… And then…

And then we’ll have a Writers Mill anthology. Hurray! And I’ll get back to writing Subtraction, coming soon from Second Wind Publishing.

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