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Having one book with a publisher is wonderful but having two or three books is even better. My first book with Second Wind- A Murder in Her Past, begins a new series about the Rivers brothers. Briar Rivers helps a college discover the identity of a serial killer and stop him.
His brothers Aaron, Cade, Elliot and Quinn along with helpers, Faith, Jerah, Kanan and Fallen fight crime along with the FBI. The Second book in the series, Cards of Justice- is Aaron’s story- as he and his brothers track a killer who leaves playing cards as a calling card. Each card has a sin written in blood. They find these cards all up and down the East coast but when the killer threatens Aaron’s wife, Aaron and the boys must find him before he gets to her.
Book three with Second Wind is, In Search of Justice- the story of a professor’s search for why a video game would turn kids into killers. When Alex Maleet’s nephew is caught up bringing a gun to school, Alex knows something isn’t right. His nephew has been playing a demo video game and when Alex checks out the game he find something that shouldn’t be there. He finds a hypnotic suggestion. Digging deeper he finds something he wasn’t supposed to find. While he’s looking into the game his wife and best friend is murdered. He is the prime suspect in their deaths.
He finds connections to a crime boss in New York. He also finds a huge robbery that no one knows about yet. Someone is taking a fraction from ever gallon of gas sold in the United States as well as fraction from every prescription sold. It may not seem like a like lot money but it adds up to over one hundred forty million dollars. The money is being transferred to other accounts but the companies don’t realize it. Can they find the links to catch the real bad guys and the money before they are stopped?
A Murder is already out but I have no release date for Cards of Justice or In Search of Justice yet. I’m hoping to hear soon but so far have heard nothing on either new book. Meanwhile I continue to write and work on the rest of the books in the Rivers Series- as well as others.
I just love it when an idea turns into a new book!


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2 responses to “Second and third Books

  1. I love it when a publisher takes a chance on a new author, but when they take more than one of your books, that means they believe in you!

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