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Kim’s Blog.

Well I am happy to share exciting news, I have two more books coming out with Second Wind! In search of Justice and another book in the River’s Foundation Series called, Cards of Justice.
In Search of Justice tells the tale of Alec Maleet. A scientist looking into a video game. The kids who play the game are getting into serious trouble with the law and Alec must find out why. The games are linked to at least two other deaths and Alec is being framed for his wife’s death. He needs to elude the police and a hit man in order to finish his research on the game.
In Cards of Justice, Aaron Rivers and his pregnant wife Karen must track down a serial killer after the killer contacts Karen. He wants her to tell the world his story but after his first murder she can’t. He killed the man before the proof could be left.
When the killer takes the life of someone closer to Karen she knows he’ll never let her live. She decides to go after him anyway she can to stop him. Their journey starts in Washington DC and goes all the way back to its beginning in New York City.
I’m not really sure of the release days yet but I know it will be soon. Cards of Justice is book two in the series of five books. The other books will continue the stories of the Rivers brothers in A Murder in Her Past, the brothers include, Briar, Cade, Aaron, Elliot and Quinn. I can’t wait to write the other three books in the series.

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  1. So cool! They sound fun. I know what you mean about “can’t wait to write the others.” I was trying to tidy up book three in my series when I realized it’s really book four. So now I’m busily working on three instead.

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