Trusting Yourself: Hearing Your Voice by Ginger King


Someone told me once that most anyone could learn the craft of writing in proper structure etc. but that not everyone could tell a good story.   That stuck with me and so the story always comes first in my writing.  It’s not always great writing but it is always me.  I believe we are enough different to each express something uniquely us in our writing and others are enough alike to see something that resonates with them.  So I keep reminding myself, trust the story you have and listen to your voice.  It is a unique part of you and it will likely resonate with someone else, but the story you have is the one you should tell.  Sometimes just telling the story you have can lead you into another story and so on and so on.

I am still learning, and hope I’m always learning what it takes to tell a better and better story.   Lately that has been mostly about trusting my instincts, and realizing what I like about others writing, and my own.  In a sense I am trying to separate myself enough from the work before editing to be my own “first reader”.

When writing I’m learning to listen, even sometimes read aloud the words I’ve committed to the page.  I hope that these notions translate into more than my writing, and by listening to the still small voice I can not only become a better writer but a better human being.

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  1. There’s something magical about realizing you’ve written something you didn’t know you had in you, isn’t there?

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