Kim’s Blog- a Milestone for me!

Kim’s Blog

I’ll have a new book out soon, my second with Second Wind and I’m thrilled. I’m pretty sure this will be my thirtieth book in print. I never thought I would make it but I did.

My first book came out in December 2008 so to hit 30 books already is a milestone for me! This book, titled In Search of Justice is one I wrote many years ago. I’m always asked what I would tell new authors, and my response is to never give up on your dreams. Also wait to find the right publisher. I have several but it only takes that one right person to get your foot in the door.

I have learned so much in the past six years, mostly good stuff, but some of it wasn’t so good too. The most important thing I’ve learned is how to write a better book, at least I hope I have. Most people hate rejection letters, but I look at a rejection letter as a plan to make my book stronger. Critiques often point out where the book needs a little more work. You can accept it or reject the ideas provided. The choice is yours.

I had an editor who wanted to rip one of my books down to nothing then build it back up to something I didn’t even recognize as my work. I found some of her ideas that worked but not all of them. By the time she got to the working back up part I didn’t like the book anymore. It didn’t feel like my work any longer. I tried to tell her that but she wouldn’t listen. I couldn’t write the book the way she wanted. Luckily I was able to get the book back and when I rewrote it I used some of her ideas but ultimately I wrote the book the way I wanted. The ideas she had did make the book stronger and I was happy the way it turned out.

Writing a book is harder than most people think and some people try and try and never get to the point they want to. I’ve learned so much and I know I have so much more to learn but that’s part of the fun.

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