Art As Inspiration by Ginger K King

My normal inspirations are strong people I’ve known or know of, seeing interesting action (no audio) or hearing interesting interaction between people, my dreams and especially music. Art is a new inspiration to me. Especially large sculpture. It’s as if I were viewing an interesting or even an ordinary moment in the subjects life. The circumstances around them, what caused them to be in such a pose/posture, what happened before and after this moment in time. All of these questions get the creative juices flowing.

Some poetry I wrote while visiting our country’s oldest botanical garden Brookgreen Gardens in coastal SC :

©GingerKKing 2014



What sprite or water creature moves
The muses one step closer, closer still
Toward a destiny a hope or claim
Making a mere mortal fame

When gazing into a fountain looms
A misty memory of some gray thing
The sprite or creature lilts and soon
A waning distant crescent moon

They’re running now, running still
For every freedom thought or will
A muses job is never done
Not by night or dawn of sun

©GingerKKing 2014

On Marble Wings

A better perspective
I dare not try
Only looking upward to the sky
You bring to life
And lift on high
The only horse to ever fly

©GingerKKing 2014

DSCF5839 DSCF5840

The Widow Bow

There huntress and her widow bow
Will make a measure of the snow
On winter day or tide of sun
This is a hunt that will be won

Her snare is not her cunning low
But every wisdom that she knows
Is sometimes that it pays to wait
To bring home feasts for heavens gate

A widow she may stand alone
But no dark mister will bestow
For this fair damsel is not lame
Any male hunter she will put to shame

What are your new inspirations?



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One response to “Art As Inspiration by Ginger K King

  1. Beautiful poems, beautifully inspired. My current muses are my neighbors’ dogs.

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