Why Do Readers Love Regency/Historical Romance?


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Generally, I believe people read to relax and escape the real world and just be apart of someone else’s fictional world. Now, when it comes to Regency/Historical books, we crave a true escape from the modern world and all our troubles that mostly came with the age of technology. We all wonder how life would be without a lot of the technology present today and all the bills that come with it. What would it be like to live with no electricity and no pollution, to have someone speak to you like the human being you truly are and not a machine? What would life like if it were simple?

Historical romances are a true escape from the modern would to journey to an old simple life.

Others read historical/regency romances for the fantasy aspect of it and the majority of these readers I believe are women. The sensation of living the life of the rich and well born, wearing beautiful gowns—a different one for each time of day or social event, going to endless balls, mixing with royals and aristocrats, with handsome heroes ready to duel over a lady’s honor and being properly courted by respectable gentlemen… to just be apart of the Cinderella lifestyle. Ladies want to be treated with courtesy, to have men stand when you enter or leave a room, watch their language when they speak, open and close the door for you and a hundred other little things that existed at that time and practically extinct along with chivalrous men. But that could also be said about women—are their any respectable, decent ladies left after the end of the regency era?

If you are of one these readers be honest, do you sometime believe you were born in the wrong era?

And of course we can’t forget the bleeding heart romantics. Forbidden loves between the well-born and peasants, arranged marriages that began with disdain and indifference before the characters finally developed a friendship that grew into a true love story. Or two characters who are madly in love with each other but can’t act on it because they are trapped in their marriages and honor demands they not commit adultery and of course the exciting illicit affairs between the members of the ton. Historical/Regency novels are true Cinderella stories that engaged readers until they become invested in the main characters love stories. This was the era that love matches were like unicorns and marriages were just business deals and to up one’s social standing.

Historical/Regency novels allow us to be apart of a world that doesn’t exist anymore, a society that we can love to love or hate because of all the social rules and restrictions especially when it came to love. We cry and we laugh with these characters and fall madly in love with them because the men are our Prince Charming and the women live the lives we wish still existed—well some part of it, I love the independence and the autonomy we have now from men—and live happily ever after.


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2 responses to “Why Do Readers Love Regency/Historical Romance?

  1. I think I just love the other-worldness of it. If I think too hard I know I wouldn’t have liked that other world. But it’s fun to take a break from reality, whether it’s in the past or the imaginary future.

    And there’s always the feel that I’m reading what my Mum and my Gran might have read–well, a little updated–a sense of timeless unity.

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