This post is dedicated to… by Sheila Deeth

On the fourth Sunday in Lent, English Christians like my Mum celebrate Mothering Sunday. They’ve done so since the 1600s, so my Mum’s not entirely crazy when she tells me it’s the right, historical date (and accept no substitutions). But the fourth Sunday of Lent is pretty unlikely to fall near the second in May. And there you have my problem. In the US, stores will be full of Easter baskets and bunnies, not Mothers’ Day cards, just at that vital point in the year when I’m meant to remember something. As a result, there’s always a Sunday in spring when our regular, every-week, phone-call starts with “Hello Mum,” “Hello Sheila. Have you remembered what day it is?” “Ummm. No-o-o?” “That’s all right. I didn’t get a card from your brother either.”

The card from my brother will usually arrive at Mum’s doorstep three days late, due to the fact that he shares my procrastinatorly skills and struggles to get to the post office. The card from me… Well, if I send it in May it will get there so late Mum would view it more as insult than as thanks. What on earth’s an expatriate daughter to do?

So here, three days late for an American Mother’s Day, is my belated Mothering Sunday post, dedicated to my Mum.

I didn’t know you when

you pushed me to try harder

as if I could fly.

I didn’t know you then,

but I tried my best

and flew away.

I’ll never know who you were

but I know who you are;

my flight instructor,

shining star,

and the very best Mum in the world

for this little girl.

So… thank you Mum… and sorry I’m so late, again!

With love to Mum on Mother's Day

A picture of me and my mum

Sheila Deeth is the author of Divide by Zero, Infinite Sum and Imaginary Numbers, all coming soon from Second Wind Publishing. She grew up in England and moved to the States with her husband and sons, more years ago than she cares to remember.


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3 responses to “This post is dedicated to… by Sheila Deeth

  1. Don’t feel guilty. At this year’s Mother’s Day Brunch at the Blue Belle Inn, at which my Mom and Dad were guests, my mom reminded me that for years I “made her” come down and work on Mother’s Day, helping at the Blue Belle’s brunch, usually making Danish aebleskivers – she is a pro. 🙂 I’m sure your mum knows you love her, especially after the beautiful poem.

  2. dellanioakes

    I can’t remember the last time I sent a Mother’s Day card to my mom. I always remember to call, but that’s about the size of it. She has my sister for cards & geraniums and I take the back seat as the forgetful one. It’s been my job for so long, I guess it will be for all time.

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