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In the movie , can’t think of the name right now, Whoopie Goldberg said, “If all you can think about is singing, you are supposed to be a singer”, or something to that effect anyway- well all I can think about is becoming a writer. So I write.

And after 27 books in print I think I can call myself an author. People often ask me where do I get my ideas? I tell them from everyday life around me. The other day I pulled into the parking lot of the school my grandchildren attend and I got an idea for a new book. I wasn’t looking for it but it found me anyway.

AT the time I was knee deep in edits and currently working on another book. Well I finished the edits and still working on the other book but the new idea wouldn’t leave me alone. Taking a few minutes here and there I’ve managed to almost complete the outline.

Being a writer is more than a full time job and for those lucky enough to be able to write you know what I’m talking about. Creativity isn’t a nine to five type of job, you have to work long and hard at your craft and when you finally type those sacred words- The End- you know you’ve done yourself proud.

Another question I’m often asked, What advice would you give new writers hoping to break into the field of publication?- Follow your dream, never give up. If someone rips your book apart- don’t fret first see if what they said about it is true, if there is room for improvement, improve it. Maybe they saw something in your work that could be better if it was done another way. But in the end remember it is YOUR work, you have to be happy with it.


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  1. Great advice, Kim. I spent 20 years wanting to write, only to quit at the first sign of criticism. This time around I’ve gone to great lengths to embrace my learning curve and all the challenges that come with it. The tangible results? Eh… But the process has been lively and inspiring. At this point, I couldn’t ask for more.

  2. I dreamed of being a writer as a child, then I became a mathematician, then I became a writer… or maybe I was a mathematician in the process of becoming a writer. Nice post, and I like that advice at the end. Math may have lots of things in common with writing, but it’s different that way.

  3. Thanks, I always wanted to be a writer too, then life interrupted and I took time out to raise a family. After the kids grew up I took up writing again and I’m loving it

  4. “ have to work long and hard at your craft…” True words, those, Kim. Writing is work. I love this quote by William Zinsser, “I hate writing; I love having written!” His point was that editing and reworking gave him more pleasure than hacking away at the original draft because he knew he was in the process of spinning straw into gold.

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