A disturbing trend

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I read something the other day and I was saddened by it. Bullying is not a good thing. As writers we use word to transport our readers to another world, our world, if only for a moment. That is the true quality of writing.
When someone else is hurt by the words we use, that’s not writing that’s bullying. There is a movement everywhere to stop this type of behavior and I think it needs to start with each and every person out there.
Words can break our spirit or build it up. Some people use their words to diminish someone else’s world. They thrive in the drama they create, they get pleasure from breaking someone else’s heart. I think that’s sad. It has to stop. Our children are watching us as they grow up and become adults, everything we do and say is forever recorded by them, teaching them what is accepted behavior and what is not.
Some people don’t know or can’t see what they are doing to others is wrong, but a wrong word here or a dirty look there, still stings. We all act the way we were raised and we react to things the way we were taught. What didn’t seem so bad when we were growing up might be unacceptable today.
What does that mean? When I was growing up my father taught me women didn’t belong in bars, if you were there drinking, you could be considered a bad girl. Men could sit in a bar all day and now one thought any less of them, women on the other hand, could be there with their husbands but never go alone. Now days, you find women going out all the time, it doesn’t mean the same thing it did forty years ago.
I love being a writer and it’s always been my dream to be published. I know that I am not going to please everyone with my words and that’s ok. If you don’t like my work, don’t read it.
Everyone has dreams and hopes, some keep them secret but they are always there in the background, other work for their dreams and make them come true through sheer determination. Never stomp on someone’s dreams, for you will break them and destroy their souls. Stop berating someone else because you think it will be fun. You are a better person than that. When you bully someone else it takes a little bit of your soul too. Not only that but there might be someone else watching you. We need to break the cycle not extend it.
Be kind to each other for everyone needs help once in a while and those that help with no thoughts of reward or acknowledgment are the real heros. It doesn’t take a lot sometimes to make a person smile and often the person in need will appreciate it more than you will ever know.
Encourage a stranger and pay it forward and it will come back to you tenfold. Become someone’s hero.

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