Sea of Destiny – Part 20 by Dellani Oakes

sea of destiny coverKyle Scott finds himself hopelessly smitten by the quiet, fragile Emily Geraci. Not since his wife’s death has he ever been interested in a woman. He enjoys her company and delights in seeing her smile.

“Would you like to go sightseeing with us tomorrow? We’d love for you to join us.”

“I’m more interested in Cozumel,” Emily admitted. “I went to Cancun on my honeymoon. Honestly, I’d rather forget it.”

“That bad?”

“Cancun is gorgeous. The honeymoon was that bad. I should have known the marriage was doomed to failure from the beginning. I wouldn’t let myself see it. He didn’t love me—not even for a minute.”

“What makes you say that?”

“I know you loved your wife a lot, Kyle. I can see it in your eyes every time you even think of her. You’d never have ditched her to go out drinking with total strangers on your honeymoon, would you.”

“He did that?”

“Nearly every night. And not all the friends were male either. He came back to our cabin drunk and stumbling, smelling of alcohol and stale cigarette smoke. Sometimes he even smelled of other women. I was a fool to keep him around. I’m sure he thought that I thought he was charming and wonderful in bed. The truth is, I was lonely and didn’t want to have to go out and find someone else. We were together two years before we married. I was used to him.”

“Why marry him in the first place?”

“He kept insisting. Once we divorced, I realized it was because he thought he could get something from me in a settlement. But since he walked out on me in the doctor’s office in front of twenty people, vowing loudly he’d have nothing more to do with me. He didn’t get a penny.”

“Ironic. Does he pay you anything?”

“Bob? He’s worthless piece of shit who can’t keep a job for more than two months at a time. I don’t need his money. I do all right…. Oh, look at Mindy!”

His five year old sat on the shoulders of one of the young male lifeguards, running after people as they played Marco Polo. Mindy had her eyes closed, but the young man didn’t. She was calling out “Marco” as the others answered, “Polo”, catching everyone because he ran right to them before they moved.

The game broke up when the last, laughing participant got tagged. Mindy was declared the uncontested queen of the pool and got to pick the next game.

“Bally ball!” She yelled.

Cindy translated five year old speak for the supervisors, blushing attractively when the young lifeguard swam over to her with a volleyball.

“I’m gonna have to warn that kid my daughter’s only fourteen,” Kyle said darkly. “I hadn’t realized how much she’d matured over the last year.”

His daughter was developing her mother’s physique. Margo had been tall, slender, narrow hipped and full busted. Cindy wasn’t quite up to Margo’s 38C, but she had decidedly graduated into a B cup and the bikini she was wearing did little to cover it up.

“As long as he keeps his hands to himself and you can keep them in plain sight, don’t embarrass her. Take him aside later or…. Oops, I don’t think you need to. Look.” She pointed cautiously, not raising her arm.

Randy walked over to the lifeguard, taking him aside quietly pretending to ask him something. Tall and muscled from swimming, he looked older than 12. The young man listened calmly. A startled glance over his shoulder told Kyle his son had taken care of it for him. The young man was still friendly when he came back, but much more careful about the level of his flirtation. He got Cindy involved with a group of kids her own age and went to supervise the younger children.

“Smart man,” Emily said with a smile.

“Which, my son or the lifeguard?”

“Both. You should be proud of him. He handled that well. He didn’t embarrass his sister or let that boy make an ass of himself.”

“He shouldn’t be hitting on her anyway.”

“He wasn’t hitting, he was flirting. There’s a world of difference.”

“Oh, yeah? Explain the difference so I know for future reference.”

Emily sighed, leaning back in her lounge chair with her arms behind her head. “Mostly it’s a matter of intent. If you approach a woman with the intent of getting in her panties as expeditiously as possible, that’s hitting on. If you are feeling the waters, testing parameters, but haven’t quite moved into more dangerous territory, that’s flirting.”

“Oh, I see. And what have I been doing since I met you?”

She sighed happily, gazing at he pool. The sunshine reflecting off the water glittered in her eyes “Sweeping me off my feet,” she admitted quietly.

© Dellani Oakes 

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