Valentine in the snow

Is it really Valentine’s Day tomorrow? Will you celebrate Valentine’s Day in the snow?

Our snow began to melt on Tuesday. I walked across the field, but the green was a swirl of light and dark, under a mist almost brighter than sky or ground. Grass lay like paint splatters in splotches, bright with water, as the snow gave way. Thick snakes of gray-rimmed paths rounded corners to invisibility. But strangest of all was that line of bright pure white, thicker than the height of a man, stretched out like a curious ribbon across the center of the scene. Trees branches feathered against the sky while their trunks stayed completely hid. It was strange, surreal, and truly beautiful.

Without that line of mist it would just have been another winter’s view; like on Wednesday, when snow-paint splattered a grass-green canvas; or today, as iron rain falls down from iron-gray sky. But the mist held secrets and mystery. The mist made it worth looking again, and kept me walking forward, seeking more.

When I got home I returned to editing, and thought how the scenes I cut are kind of like that line of mist. Not everything needs to be told. Not every tree trunk needs to meet the ground, and not every character has to reveal why he thinks and feels this way. Perhaps the tales untold might keep the reader moving forward, seeking more, walking deep into the plot, and perhaps my story will seem better this way.

That’s what I’m hoping for anyway; and maybe for more flowers and less snow on Valentine’s Day.


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3 responses to “Valentine in the snow

  1. I’ve always believe that sometimes less is more, and also that what is left unsaid is sometimes as important as what is said.

    I guess that means I agree with you, Sheila.

  2. What a lovely description of the scene. Made me almost wish for snow, fog, and the mysteries of winter.

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