Time by John E. Stack

Time is very important to some people, not so much to others. I have always been very time conscious. Not to say that I’m always on time, but I like to stick to schedules, and do things in a timely manner. As I quickly approach 60 (not the speed limits) I realize that time spent is more important than time itself.

I did something today that I very seldom do. I took the day off work. For me, not being at work is more time consuming than work. Being a teacher, there are lesson plans to write, schedules to redo, loose ends to tie up and by the time your day off arrives you are exhausted. Then when you return you have to grade papers and insure there were no problems with behavior for the sub. Anyway, my daughter had several appointments and a little girl we have in foster care had another. My wife could not be in several places at the same time so I stepped in to help.

My four year old got up at 8:00 and was ready to eat breakfast with Dad. I get just as excited as she does. We (meaning she) had a dentist appointment, so after a bowl of cereal we quickly got dressed and left. After checking in she said, “I’ll be back in a few minutes. I’m going back by myself.” And she left. About 30 minutes later she returned ready to go. We went to the mall, which was short lived, because she got hungry and wanted pancakes and eggs. The local IHOP was just a few minutes away, so we headed there. She ate her pancakes, eggs and bacon and part of mine. I just drank coffee and watched her put away the food, amazed.

Anyway, we went back to the mall. She had noticed the Merry-go-round in the center court. A couple of dollars later she was riding with the wind, around and around. We did leave in time to make her next appointment. It was a great morning and I got to spend it with my ever growing little girl. We laughed and jumped and ran and skipped. If I had been at work think of all that I would have missed. I need to take more days off and ride a few more merry-go-rounds. I need to make a few more memories. The time I spent with my little girl meant a lot to her, but I do believe it meant more to me. Time is really not important, its how you spend the time you have.

Happy Birthday to my grandson Aaron Ross who is 3 years old today.

***John E. Stack is the Author of “Cody’s Almost Trip to the Zoo.”


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3 responses to “Time by John E. Stack

  1. Wonderful post, John!!! Good for you!!!

  2. You are so right, John. My children are grown with children of their and i try to stress taking the time to do things together. Once time passes, it can’t be repeated.

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