Fly, Girl! Fly! — by Calvin Davis

Yesterday was a good day for Sandra Bullock, the female star in the film “Gravity,” and also a splendid day for Bonnie Silver, the protagonist of my novel The Phantom Lady of Paris. Both were rescued.

My wife and I went to see the movie “Gravity” and witnessed the heroine astronaut Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) separated from her space module, then twirl and spin head over heels through the dark and soundless emptiness of nothingness, outer space, corkscrewing into an obvious solitary demise. But wait. Don’t despair. The astronaut recovers. Struggling, she rejoins her wayward capsule and returns to Mother Earth, where she ambles about twenty or so paces on a sandy beach into the rest of her life. Saved! In the nick of time. Happy, happy ending.

plopfront-148x223Leaving the theater, I received an email from my agent that a company in California offered a contract to produce audio versions of my novel The Phantom Lady of Paris. Voila! Both heroines rescued: Sandra Bullocks and the Phantom Lady. Sandra soared in space. Here is hoping the Phantom Lady of Paris will soar in sound.

angel with golden wingsFly on, Phantom Lady, child of my mind, fly sweet Lady.  Spread your golden, gossamer wings and kiss Mother Earth goodbye.




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