Changing seasons

The leaves are starting to change in the canyon.  In a few short weeks there won't be any left on the trees.

The leaves are starting to change in the canyon. In a few short weeks there won’t be any left on the trees.

I’ve lived in places where the seasons don’t change much.  There you have your choice between hot and warm.  The Black Hills of South Dakota is not one of those places.

Summer is my favorite season.  Spring is a close second.  Fall comes in a distant third and winter, well, winter can take a long walk off a short pier as far as I’m concerned.

However, I try to make the most of what I’ve got. And right now, for better or worse, I’ve got fall.  To me fall has a few redeeming qualities, which is why it isn’t tied for last place with winter.  The best thing is Halloween, which happens to be my all-time favorite holiday EVER.

Fall has it’s own smells.  I love the apple-cinnamon scent that is so popular this time of year and the smell of a wood fire is amazing, so I guess the smells of fall are okay.  With the cooler weather I do more baking, so the house smells different…like fresh bread, brownies, or cookies.

That brings me to the taste of fall.  I love sweets.  I love fresh baked bread.  I love chocolate.  Unlike most of the rest of my family, though, I do not like pumpkin.  Not even a little.

In the Black Hills, fall has it’s own look.  Sure, Halloween costumes are everywhere, but it takes living in a special place to understand the necessity of having Halloween costumes three sizes too big (so you can fit your winter coat underneath, of course).  But the leaves changing in nearby Spearfish Canyon are a beautiful mix of greens, golds, oranges, yellows and reds.

Ghost stories seem to fill the air this time of year.  Combine those with an over-active imagination and the crackle of dry, fallen leaves and you know fall sounds different than any other time of year.

The feel of fall is a 50-50 split.  Hay rides are fun.  Hay always gets stuck in places where it shouldn’t.  Hay is itchy.  Itchy is no fun.  And I hate cold.  I really, truly despise cold.  Fall temperatures are, well, cold.

Maybe fall isn’t so bad after all.  I don’t have to eat pumpkin flavored anything and I can always stay inside whenever possible.  And there is something to be said for reading by the fireplace, isn’t there?

Nichole R. Bennett has been an avid mystery reader from a young age.  Her first novel, Ghost Mountain, is available from Second Wind Publishing. When she’s not writing, Nichole can be found doing a plethora of crafty things, drinking coffee, eating chocolate, or spending too much time online.  Oh, and reading.

But not hanging out in the cold.


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4 responses to “Changing seasons

  1. You cracked me up with your bio comment — but not hanging out in the cold.

    Fall used to be my favorite time of year. In Colorado, it was always the least windy season — lovely cool, still days and skies so blue as to seem almost purple. Of course, then there were the years it snowed in August, and kept on snowing . . . The joke was that there were two seasons — July and winter.

  2. I hate the cold! In South Dakota–where the weather is the same as Colorado, just about 48 hours later–we say there are also two seasons. Only they’re Winter and Road Construction.

  3. I like fall for the beauty of the season. For what it brings. Which is the falling leaves that nurture the ground. The football games that bring us all together at the game it’s self, at the after party’s & rally’s. For my favorite season, which is the holidays of Thanksgiving & Christmas. Which for some fall into fall/winter. I love the fabrics we get to wear even if I don’t like matching plaids & so forth when sewing. I love that special feeling that I get down deep in my soul, that tells me something walks on the wind. Those fuzzy slippers that we break out. Flannel nightwear, & wrapping up in warm blankets, often lovingly made for us by those we hold so dear. The decorations, the little one’s all dressed up. Yes, I love fall, I just ain’t partial to the cold. Which is why if your looking for me, I’m the one in the fuzzy blanket standing next to the fireplace. Bring hot chocolate would you? Your a love!

  4. Flannel and hot chocolate are necessities during a South Dakota winter!

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