The Big Day by John E. Stack

Today is the big day. A day that has been talked about for weeks. A day that we could not imagine ever seeing. You see, it is my little girl’s birthday. She is four today. We have balloons, a water-slide, a bounce house (small), all the food one would expect and, yes, even Minnie Mouse cupcakes. It is a big to-do but for all the right reasons.

She is the gift that we were blessed with in our old age (I will be sixty in a couple of months) and our girls are in their mid to upper thirties. You see, for the past several years my wife and I have done foster parenting. We normally care for newborns, but on occasion we take care of medical/critical babies. That was how we met Allie. We were asked to bring her home from the hospital when she was 6 months old. She was born preemie and was not expected to live very long. She had IV’s and a feeding tube and two scared foster parents who had never cared for a baby in this condition.

A lot of care and a lot of love started to change the health of this little girl. She was failure to thrive in the doctor’s minds, but in God’s mind he saw a great opportunity. Allie changed our lives so much that when her parents said they couldn’t provide the care she needed we were asked to adopt her. How could we resist? We watched her grow from 9 pounds at 6 months to a strong healthy 4 year old that can now eat anything she wants. She loves people, chocolate, and Thomas the Train. She is also a ballerina.

Today, before her party, we will go to a local home store and build a fire truck, then off to a toy store for a get together with Thomas. She is over the top.

I will not bore you with a lot of party details, but I did want to say “Happy Birthday” to my littlest daughter. Got to go.
Allie 2

***John E. Stack is the author of Cody’s Almost Trip to the Zoo


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4 responses to “The Big Day by John E. Stack

  1. How blessed you both are, you and your little girl!

  2. Happy Birthday to her from me, too. Amazing what “a lot of care and a lot of love” can do. What a sweet story!

  3. Connie Hance

    This is why I’ve always loved you, John! You two are an amazing pair,

  4. Lois Webber

    Allie is a light wherever she goes. Enjoy a wonderful birthday.

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