Telephone Killer – 5

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00023]Meet Detective Captain Vince Williams. The Department thinks he has some kind of knack for solving puzzles. And also let me introduce Tori Billingsly. She is Vince’s love. Some not-so-good things are going to happen to her later on and it will be up to Vince to save her.

Oh, dear, I’ve just given away some of the story. That’s OK. Maybe knowing Tori is going to be in some kind of trouble will bring you back to read more next month.

Paul J. Stam


Vincent Williams sat in the corner of the couch wearing a short-sleeved sport shirt and flannel slacks. He was a large man with broad shoulders and white hair. His arm was around Tori Billingsly who sat leaning sideways against him with her knees folded and her long legs and feet up on the couch next to her. She had auburn hair and soft, brown eyes. She was fifteen years younger than Vince which kept him in a certain perpetual state of awe. She was wearing a blue turtleneck sweater and jeans. They were sitting in front of the fire listening to a symphony. He was not sure this was the right time to tell her, but then no time would be right.

‟I’m afraid they’ve thrown the case of the Telephone Killer in my lap,” he said.

‟Telephone Killer?”

‟That’s the name he’s gotten around the department because he calls before he kills. It was not a case I wanted.”

‟Then why did you take it?”

‟You can’t just refuse to take a case. They think I have some kind of knack for solving puzzles.”

‟They call this ‘solving puzzles’?” she said pulling away to turn and look him in the eye.

‟He wondered if he should tell her about the latest call, and then decided he would have to tell her sometime and it might as well be now as later. ‟There was another threat. He has threatened to kill someone who cut in front of him on the Beltway. He may have just thrown that about ‛cutting in front of him’ in there to confuse us with a revenge motive.”

‟And what if there really is a revenge motive to all his acts? What if the reason for the bombing of Delany’s is for some kind of revenge? What happens when he learns you are the one who’s been put on the case? Is he going to want to come after you? That’s what scares me. When are they going to announce you’re in charge of the case?” she said her brown eyes flashing with anger.

‟Oh, I don’t think there’ll be any official announcement.”

‟Of course there will be. The public will want to know what’s being done to stop this madman and the politicians are going to have to prove they’re doing something. They are going to say, ‘oh, we have Detective Captain Vince Williams, one of our very best detectives, heading up this investigation. He’s the best man we have at solving puzzles’,” she said sarcastically.

* * *

The headline in the Morning Star ran on two lines across the whole of the front page.


Strangers talked to each other about the story on buses and in elevators. Friends who regularly met for coffee shared their discontent with what the police were doing to apprehend the madman and, to an extent, had concern and compassion for whoever the next victim might be. None of them thought it would be them. Some tried to remember if they had cut in front of anyone on the Beltway recently, but even those who did recall such an incident did not think they were the bomber’s next victim.

Copyright © 2012 by Paul J. Stam
All rights reserved


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