Lightning Strikes/Happy Accidents by Ginger King

Sometimes lightning strikes. When it does we all take notice. Sometimes it’s just the sound and sometimes it’s the entire package. Lights, crash and boom! Recently I had a happy strike. It causes us to pause and take account of everything around us.

We call these happy accidents usually. Do you believe these are accidents, or fate, destiny? Today I am not so much focused on the source as I am the blessing. Talking to people about their “happy accidents” always gives me goosebumps. These are some of the jewels of life.

A vintner recently described his latest lightning strike to me. His new barrels had come in, and upon opening them, he found that two of them had obviously been used for transporting or curing fresh red peppers. Being an optimist, he proceeded to use the barrels thinking, ” What am I doing, there’s a mistake about to come out of his experiment. ”

A good lightning strike happened instead. The wine that was produced is currently his number one seller. It is a jammy full red with lots of punch from both the fruit and the peppers, whose only presence in the process was the essence it left in the vessel. A small part one could argue, but one that imparted that definitive quality (the lightning strike). If you like pepper jelly, you would love this wine.

Note to self…never forget to be a little spicy. You never know what happy lightning strike may be headed your way because of it.


Ginger King is the author of Carolina Wine Country Cooking, published by Second Wind Publishing.

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One response to “Lightning Strikes/Happy Accidents by Ginger King

  1. Love it, Ginger! It’s amazing what good and wonderful things can come out of a seemingly random occurrence.

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