In Honor of a Great Woman by Calvin Davis

maidA commemorative for the maid, the domestic, “the help,” also known as Mrs. Oleatha White Davis. With a 7th grade education and married to a man who could not write his name, she vowed her children would finish college.  “Absurd,” some scoffed.

For years, she vacuumed, dusted, and scrubbed for less than minimum wage. At the bus stops, she shivered or roasted, exhausted after her long day. Yet she never lost sight of her goal. Her sons did what she foretold. One graduating from Harvard University, with a doctoral degree. The other, finishing both Hampton and Howard University.

angel1Today, “the help” is employed in Paradise as God’s Chief Assistant – no maid’s uniform required, just a white robe and wings.  Job description? Perform miracles in heaven as she did on earth.

–Calvin Davis, a retired educator, is author of The Phantom Lady of Paris.


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2 responses to “In Honor of a Great Woman by Calvin Davis

  1. Such a lovely tribute! I bet she was very proud of you.

  2. Strong and proud and determined–a true heroine! Thanks for sharing this personal testament, Calvin.

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