Wouldn’t It Be Fun? by Christine Husom

It started as a wild suggestion, thrown out to see how my siblings would react. “Wouldn’t it be fun to meet in Norway on Dad’s 100th birthday?”

And there was a story behind that. In 1970 my dad took us on a family trip that began and ended in Norway where his ancestors had lived. 1970 was the 100th anniversary of when the last of them had immigrated to America. It was a different kind of 100th anniversary, but significant nonetheless.

My father died in 1997 just shy of his 84th birthday. He was proud of his heritage and happy to be able to take us to the breathtakingly beautiful Oppstryn area of Norway, Erdal Valley, where our relatives still farm. So next month, in his honor, four of his five children will be in Oppstryn Norway to celebrate the 100th anniversary of our beloved father.

Because of time constraints, I have to keep this short and sweet, but will give more details on my next blog.

Christine Husom is the author of the Winnebago County Mystery Series


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3 responses to “Wouldn’t It Be Fun? by Christine Husom

  1. Now, that sounds like a wonderful trip.

  2. Fantastic! Enjoy every ounce of it. He’ll be with you in spirit.

  3. How wonderful. Christine!!! I hope you and your siblings have a memorable reunion. I know your father will be there smiling on you!

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