Rubcion Ranch: Necropieces has now been published!

RRBookTwo -- NecropiecesRubicon Ranch is a mystery series being written online by authors of Second Wind Publishing. Rubcion Ranch: Book Two – Necropieces has now been published! It is available on Smashwords in all available ebook formats for just 99 cents! Or you can read it free online.

Residents of Rubicon Ranch are finding body parts scattered all over the desert. Who was the victim and why did someone want him so very dead? Everyone in this upscale housing development is hiding something.

Leia Menendez has a plan: get to Rubicon Ranch, get in, get what was hers, get out. But does her plan include murder?

Egypt Hayes knows there are secrets hidden in Rubicon Ranch and she intends to use them in her next film. And maybe even use them to get revenge.

Moody Sinclair once killed an eight-year-old boy. Has she killed again?

Her brother Jake is searching for redemption. Did he find it in the death of another?

Eighty-two-year-old Eloy Franklin sits on his porch and watches. But does he do more than watch?

Ward Preminger was electrified by his encounter with the victim. Did find a way to get even?

Forty-three-year-old Melanie Gray stumbled on the first necropiece. But is she as innocent as she seems?

Sheriff Seth Bryan is bitter and cynical at having lost everything he values. Is he manufacturing crimes to bring him the notoriety he craves?


We are now in the midst of writing our third book. Click here to: read online as six Second Wind authors write Rubicon Ranch: Secrets!

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One response to “Rubcion Ranch: Necropieces has now been published!

  1. All the best with this latest endeavor and great cast of characters.

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