Short and Sweet

So it’s my birthday, anniversary and Memorial Day. Therefore my post is short and sweet. Happy birthday to me. I am thankful for another year. Happy Anniversary to my husband and best friend. At 18 yrs babe we’re just getting started. God bless the families of all the fallen warriors. Thank you for what you risked and gave for us while doing a job that is often thankless. You will never be forgotten.


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8 responses to “Short and Sweet

  1. What is Memorial Day? It sounds a bit like ANZAC Day.

  2. Happy Birthday, Ginger. My husband’s birthday too!

  3. Happy birthday and anniversary. Did you do that so your husband would remember? Just kidding. And Memorial Day is a good time for all of us to pause and think of those who have given their all for our freedom.

    • Well… because of the holiday it was just the best weekend for my family who lives so far away to come to the wedding, and that Saturday happened to be my birthday. So I told him he was getting by most of the time but if he ever forgot he was in double trouble! lol

  4. dellanioakes

    Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday, Ginger! Congratulations to you both. May you have many long, happy years ahead. Dellani

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