A Day of Coincidences by Christine Husom

May 20th is a special day in our family. Our daughter and nephew were both born on that day, in the same year. Back before cell phones and the ability to be in nearly constant and instant communication, we tried to call my husband’s brother and sister-in-law off and on for hours to tell them we’d had our baby. They’d been doing the same. Somehow we finally connected and were amazed to learn we’d delivered on the same day. Especially since our babies were due weeks apart. Our daughter was a week late, their son was born earlier than expected.

So we went through the years celebrating the birthdays of the “twin cousins”, as they’ve been dubbed. After they reached adulthood, coincidentally, our nephew had a nephew of his own born on their birthday. And a few years later, to add to the wonder of it all, our grandson–our daughter’s first nephew–was born on their birthday. What are the odds of that happening, I wondered. When I posed that question hypothetically, my sister had the answer: 365 times 365 times 365 times 365.

The other coincidence is that May 20th was also their grandmother’s/great-grandmother’s wedding anniversary. I guess that means to calculate the probability of all those descendants being born on their anniversary is 365 times 365 times 365 times 365 times 365. Seems like fairly low odds to me, but maybe it’s not in the world of statistics and probabilities.

Happy birthday twin cousins and second cousins, Morynn, Ben, Ethan, and Christian on the special day you share.

I’d love to hear about coincidences that have intrigued or tickled you.

Christine Husom is the author of the Winnebago County Mystery Series, Murder in Winnebago County, Buried in Wolf Lake, An Altar by the River, and The Noding Field Mystery.

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One response to “A Day of Coincidences by Christine Husom

  1. I don’t really believe in coincidences, so to speak, as I feel there’s a reason why everything happens. But, anyway….

    My husband and I met on December 21, 1986. Our first child was born December 21, 1991. We got engaged on September 4, 1987 and my mother-in-law passed away September 4, 1990. My father was named John after his grandfather, and our youngest son is named John after my dad. Although my great-grandfather passed away several years prior to my birth, our son was born on what would have been his birthday, August 2.

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