Mom’s Day by John E. Stack

Mother’s Day. A day that rivals church attendance for both Easter and Christmas in celebration of those that nurtured us and taught us values. It is a day filled with happiness, sadness and nostalgia and often celebrated by standing in line while waiting for our table, or with cookouts and fond memories of those mom’s that have passed or of ladies that we considered as special as our own moms.

This year my wife and I thought about own moms that are no longer with us. There is always a hint of sadness that comes when the occasion is about moms and yours is no longer there. We tend to believe that they are missing out on the joy of watching our kids grow up, our grandkids being born and the trials that a new mother faces each day of her new journey.

This year, I had the pleasure of taking my 3 year old shopping in order to buy mom a special present. Our primary goal was a hanging basket and a balloon in the shape of Thomas the train. My daughter was sure that if she gave these to her mom that mom would let her keep the balloon in room (and she was right).
On our excursion we ran into a mom that worked in a fashion boutique in our downtown. The lady was busy on the phone when we went in, so we just looked around. A few moments later she was off the phone and talking to my little girl asking if she was shopping for Mother’s Day. She asked the normal questions of “how old are you?” and “what is your name?” which my daughter quickly answered. Then she walked over to a display basket and took out a small bracelet and placed it on my little girl’s arm telling how nice it looked. She then took another bracelet and said “this one is for your mommy, do you think she will like it?” Then she took a necklace and earrings that matched and wrapped them up and said “this is for your mom. Tell her that she is the luckiest mom in the world.” This brought a smile to my daughter’s face and tears to my eyes. She wouldn’t let me pay for anything, gave me a hug and said she hoped my wife had the best Mother’s day ever. What a great mom with a spirit of compassion. May God bless her as she blessed us.

We also received a blessing a few days before. My oldest daughter, who had been told that she could not get pregnant, delivered us a new grand-daughter. What a great miracle! We have been so blessed with 3 daughters and 3 grandkids, two boys and now a girl. And this past Sunday, we got to spend the day with all of them. Life is great.

Yes, we have been blessed. I have had the pleasure of helping my wife raise two grown daughters and we are in the process of raising a three year old in our old age. We have worked with youth groups and many of the kids looked at my wife as a mom. I have assisted her in caring for 19 children in foster care. She likes to care for newborns and medical critical babies who have little chance of survival. She has been given the talent of love and all of the babies tend to thrive at the loving touch that God has given her.

There are many different types of moms out there, some more compassionate than others, some more nurturing than others, but moms still the same. May the Lord bless each and every one of them, not just on Mother’s day but as each day goes by.

***John E. Stack is the author of Cody’s Almost Trip to the Zoo

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  1. What a sweet story, John. You are a man of deep caring.

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