Book release…again!

If any of you have run into me at any time during the past few months, I have slipped a word or two (or ten!) into our conversation about my next novel being released. To put it mildly, I’m thrilled beyond belief.

What does this mean to me to have a second book coming out? Well, for one thing, it means I’m not a ‘one-hit wonder.’ I have it in me to write more than one book of publication quality. And given that I actually enjoy the solitude of writing, the ability to sink into the world I’ve created, I hope I’ll have many more stories to tell.

A second book also means I’m one step closer to my dream of being able to write full time. (I only wish I knew how many steps there would be…) Not that I don’t love what I do during the day…it’s just that the thought of rolling out of bed and going to work in my jammies is so very, very appealing to me. Of course, my trusty sidekick (Charlie, the beagle) will be curled up right beside me, content in knowing that his mommy and snuggle partner will only leave his side if there is a dire need for groceries…and I can survive for quite some time on coffee and stale cereal.

So, what is this new novel about, you ask? (Thanks for asking, by the way.) The title of the book is “A Ripple in the Water” and it’s the story of Katharine Penner, a widow and single mom, who falls in love with a much younger man. This man? Well, he just so happens to be the son of one of her best friends! An interesting concept, I think. Not because of the age difference so much but because of the friendship between these two women.

This novel asks the question, “Why am I good enough to be your friend, but not good enough to date your son?” We women love our girlfriends and I’m one of those women who wouldn’t survive motherhood if it were not for all of them. So why, then, would someone – a mother – not want their son to date someone they care so much about? Someone they have grown to love like a sister? Why is there this invisible line that we hesitate to cross?

I hope this novel answers that question, or at least explores the question.

When writing this book, I posed this question to a number of my female friends who were a bit older than me and had a son who was a bit younger than me. When asked what they’d think if one of their friends began dating their son, their response, although varied in verbiage, had the same sort of feeling, which was “ewwww….” When I asked why they felt that way, they couldn’t really put their emotions into words, just that the entire concept made them feel uneasy.

One of my very wise friends managed to put a little more description behind the “ewww” comment. She said that women develop a certain amount of intimacy with each other and that knowing your son was dating someone you shared such an intimacy with was very uncomfortable. It was a breach of intimacy levels, if you will.

I thought her comments were brilliant.

In any event, “A Ripple in the Water” should be out soon…just in time for those lazy summer days. Days when all you want is a good book in one hand and a fruity drink in the other. And since my book takes place over one such summer, I think it will be perfect!


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5 responses to “Book release…again!

  1. Sounds like an interesting concept. I’d love to see how your book goes about untangling this interesting question. This post makes me excited for my own book release. I hope, too, that I’m not a one hit wonder.

  2. When does your book come out? Care to share a bit about it? I”m always looking for new books/authors to read!

  3. dellanioakes

    Sounds like a great book, Donna!

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  5. Thanks, Dellani! I can’t wait for it to come out!

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