A Donkey And A King

English: Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey

The Donkey
by Paul J. Stam

With clopping feet and floppy ear
He walks unmoved amid the cheers.
He knows not what they cheer about
Or why “Hosanna” is the shout.

Did unknown peace upon him come,
When on his back they placed the Son
Of God made flesh to dwell among us,
Come from all our sins to save us?

I was not there, I do not know
If the crowds knew ‘twas not for show.
Their cry was, “Save us now,”
But to that King they did not bow.

With braying voice that has no beauty
He knew only to do his duty.
With grotesque ears so unseemly,
He sought not another’s glory.

He walked amid the cheering throng
Wide-eyed with face oblong.
He was not fit for singing song,
But only to bring the King along.



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8 responses to “A Donkey And A King

  1. dellanioakes

    What a lovely poem for Palm Sunday! Thank you for sharing it.

  2. B Y Rogers

    I would change only one word. ‘But to that King they did not bow.’ to ‘But to that King some did not bow.” Otherwise, perfect.

  3. What a fascinating point of view, Paul. Such a simple task for the beast, and yet, profound. Thank you.

  4. Beautifully written and right on!

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