The Importance of Secondary Characters by Deborah J Ledford

Have you ever read a book and found the secondary characters more fascinating than the leading men or women? I must admit, the only reason I pick up a Patricia Cornwell book is to read about Scarpetta’s niece, Lucy, and to see if Pete Marino is still kicking. And let me tell you, when two of my favorite mystery authors, Louise Penny and Craig Johnson don’t feature their fantastic cast of secondary’s, I get beyond angry and frustrated.

I’ve had a blast creating a supporting cast for CRESCENDO. Tried and true, rock and Hawk’s right-hand man Deputy Kenneth Stiles can be found in book three of the series, as well as Mama and Annie, but I’m most excited about introducing Inola Walela’s grandmother, Elisi to readers.

Elisi is full-blood Cherokee, lives on the North Carolina reservation, is a weaver, and knows her hard-headed but warm-hearted granddaughter even better than Hawk.

After a routine traffic stop involves a shooting, Inola is forced to watch from the sidelines as her colleagues investigate the case she’s stuck in the middle of. As the only female Native American Bryson City, NC cop, she must always play her A game, but now her best efforts, training and capabilities are shunned.

On official leave from the force while her case is being investigated, Inola reluctantly allows Elisi to join her in the hunt for a young boy no one—not even Hawk—believes is missing. Their exploits include amusing banter, contentious friction about their past relationship, and conflict that ultimately brings them closer as Inola travels a journey where she vows: Redemption with a bullet.

I hope you enjoy the ride!Crescendo F. Cover -w blurb 7 HR-Final

Deborah J Ledford’s latest novel of suspense, CRESCENDO, is book three of the Steven Hawk/Inola Walela series. Other novels include, STACCATO, and SNARE, Finalist for The Hillerman Sky Award and the NM-AZ Book Awards. Deborah is a three-time nominee for the Pushcart Prize and her award-winning short stories appear in numerous print publications as well as literary and mystery anthologies. Part Eastern Band Cherokee, she spent her summers growing up in western North  Carolina where her novels are set. Deborah invites you to visit her website.



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3 responses to “The Importance of Secondary Characters by Deborah J Ledford

  1. dellanioakes

    I love repeating secondary characters, Deb. I have one character who has appeared in no less than 11 of my books (none of these are published yet) Cullen Fellowes is a fun guy. He makes me smile whenever I trot him out and never fails to liven up a scene. One day, I may give him his own book, but right now, he’s my favorite secondary. Another support character I love is an elderly British lady named Julia Cross. She is a tribute to a dear friend of mine who was like a second mum to me. She started out in one book but has made her way into three so far. 🙂

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