Introducing a New Leading Lady by Deborah J Ledford

Crescendo-DJLedford- Front Cover HRFebruary 19, 2013 Inola Walela takes center stage as the leading lady of my latest novel of suspense, CRESCENDO from Second Wind Publishing. Inola is no stranger to readers of my thriller series, but this is the first time Inola has carried an entire book.

For those of you new to the mystery series, Inola is Steven Hawk’s love interest. We jump ahead one year from the previous book, SNARE. Hawk is now the sheriff of SwainCounty and Inola continues on as the only female Native American officer on the Bryson City, North Carolina police force, Inola Walela, must always play her A game. All bets are off when during a routine traffic stop the passenger insists her son has been kidnapped but is struck by a car before Inola can glean any hard facts. An altercation ensues and Inola’s partner is felled by a bullet—possibly from her gun. On administrative leave, fraught with guilt for allegedly killing her partner, and obsessed with the possibility of a missing child out there somewhere, she defies the force and her fiancé, Sheriff Steven Hawk. Inola sets off on her own journey to find the missing boy.

The tagline for CRESCENDO is: Redemption with a Bullet

I knew from day one that Inola would be the lead character for this novel. Like me, she’s part Eastern Band Cherokee and the entire location takes place in the Great Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina where I spent my summers growing up.

No, Inola is nothing like me…but I am very proud to have her in my life, and to present her to you in my latest novel of suspense.

Deborah J Ledford’s latest novel of suspense, CRESCENDO, is book three of the Steven Hawk/Inola Walela series. Other novels include, STACCATO, and SNARE, Finalist for The Hillerman Sky Award and the NM-AZ Book Awards. Deborah is a three-time nominee for the Pushcart Prize and her award-winning short stories appear in numerous print publications as well as literary and mystery anthologies. Part Eastern Band Cherokee, she spent her summers growing up in western North Carolina where her novels are set. Deborah invites you to visit her website.

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