Have a Very Descriptive Thanksgiving by J J Dare

In honor of writers everywhere, this year’s Thanksgiving at my house is filled with adjectives. My holiday wish is for everyone to enjoy the sights and smells of Thanksgiving as much as I and my family do. So, here goes:

Tender roasted turkey

gobble, gobble

Sweet succulent ham

Toasted buttery rolls.


Baked cornbread dressing

Fluffy creamy potatoes

with lots of butter

Thick turkey gravy

Crisp sugared carrots

Wassup, doc?

Smoky green beans.

Delectable strawberry pie

sinfully rich

Spicy pumpkin custard

Chocolate chocolate chocolate

Pink Pepto, chalky Tums, and purple Prilosec

These are only a few items on the menu at my house. Now, you’ll have to excuse me as I hop off the internet and start cooking for tomorrow’s feast.

Here’s the full menu on Facebook. I’m crazy. Yeah, I know.


Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Eat, drink and take a nap.


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4 responses to “Have a Very Descriptive Thanksgiving by J J Dare

  1. Eat, drink, watch football, and THEN take a nap.

  2. Can I invite myself to dinner?

  3. You’re making me hungry! I love the drawings.

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