Tracy Beltran, the Creative Wizard of the Second Wind Publication Team

“Recently one of our new authors insisted on using an outside design firm to produce the cover for his first novel. We offered to make the cover ourselves from the raw illustrations he was using, but he declined. In the process of setting the book up for publication, the author revealed that he spent the better part of $1000 for the cover. I was stunned at the cost and also at the mediocre quality of the final cover design. My first thought was, ‘Man, Tracy Beltran does a lot better job of making covers than this — and she does it at no cost to the authors.’

“At Second Wind we know one of the ‘calling cards’ of our publishing company is the high quality of the beautiful covers created by Tracy. She has an uncanny way of finding just the right art to suggest the key aspects of each book, regardless of genre. Indeed Tracy does such a wonderful job on a consistent basis that we are sometimes tempted to take her excellent work for granted. Thank goodness for the artistic and highly functional covers she produces.” –Mike Simpson, Chief Editor

Here are some samples of Tracy’s work, showing how her covers reflect the themes of the various books. Just as important, the covers all look great in thumbnails, which is necessary to show  a book to its best advantage and to be instantly recognized in this online world:

Spooky cover for a spooky YA tale (coming soon):

Fun cover for a delightful story:

Down-home cover for a book of humorous down-home tales:

Romantic cover for a regency romance novel:

Beautiful cover for an anthology of stories about change and renewal:

Literary cover for a book with great tips on how to write well:

Classic cover for a holiday recipe and short story anthology (coming soon):


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9 responses to “Tracy Beltran, the Creative Wizard of the Second Wind Publication Team

  1. Beautiful covers, Tracy. It’s about time you were given credit! All the covers are so different and evocative. I don’t know which is my favorite — I like them all for various reasons.

  2. Paul J. Stam

    They are indeed impressive. I particularly like the covers for “Tattletale Roadhouse and Social Club” and the one for “the Beast of Macon Hollow.”

  3. It’s too hard to decide which ones I like best. The Second Wind covers that Tracy designs are wonderful 🙂

  4. I love the cover for Cris’s book Beast of Macon Hollow. Tracy does fantastic work!

  5. You do indeed do some great covers Tracy. I’ve given copies of Change is in the Wind to several friends and they all commented on what a lovely cover it has.

  6. Thank you all so much. I am very proud of all of the things I do for Second Wind. The authors have the creative ideas, I just make them happen.

  7. Yes, I agree with all the comments. Tracy did an outstanding job on the Beast cover. I posted it on FB immediately and received many compliments and “Likes!”

  8. Tracy, Everyone who sees my book makes the initial comment of how beautiful the cover is. Thanks so much for all your hard work!!

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