August 14 is National Creamsicle Day! Grab a Snack and a Second Wind Book to Celebrate!

What better way to cool off during this hot, hot summer than to grab a creamsicle and a Second Wind Romance! Here are some fine love stories from some fine Second Wind writers!

Night and Day by Sherrie Hansen

It’s midnight in Minnesota and Jensen Marie Christiansen is dreaming of a rosy future. It’s daybreak in Denmark and Anders Westerlund is waking up to a world full of stark realities. When parchment paper and faded ink meet computer screens and fax machines, the old-fashioned magic of a great-grandmother’s letters sets the stage for a steamy Internet romance… and a hundred year-old mystery.

Love Trumps Logic by Lucy Balch

Miss Fiona Fairmont’s knack for curing ailments with herbs puts her at a disadvantage on the marriage market, despite her extraordinary beauty. Lord Henry Featherstone, nicknamed “the Mad Scientist” because he shuns Society to spend time in his laboratory, is different – he appreciates Fiona’s mind as well as her face. The two meet and it’s chemistry! In the laboratory and in society, Love Trumps Logic every time!

A Love Out of Time by Mairead Walpole (Time Travel Romance)

Olivia Vernon has thought a lot about the concept of soul-mates. All her life, she has been waiting for someone to appear.
Alden Scott thought he found his soul-mate. Little does he know that a simple stroll along a garden path one summer night will complicate his life more than he could ever imagine.

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One response to “August 14 is National Creamsicle Day! Grab a Snack and a Second Wind Book to Celebrate!

  1. Love creamsicles and romance!

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