July 15 is National Ice Cream Day! Eat Ice Cream and Read a Book from Second Wind Publishing!

July 15 is National Ice Cream Day. What goes better with ice cream? A book from Second Wind Publishing! And, it’s guilt-free eating and reading – in my opinion 🙂

A Spark of Heavenly Fire by Pat Bertram

The Red Death has quarantined the state of Colorado and the dead start to outnumber the living. Reporter Greg Pullman investigates and against the backdrop of chaos, he falls in love with Kate Cummings. Will he discover the source of the disease before it’s too late for the woman he loves?
Also by Pat Bertram: Daughter Am I , Grief: The Great Yearning , Light Bringer and More Deaths Than One


Tattletale Roadhouse and Social Club by Tony R Lindsay

Your ribs will be sore from laughing at this riotous collection of social commentary and rural humor. No one is safe as salesman, preachers, big shots and little shots are skewered in a series of Deep South vignettes.


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