July 10th: Third Quarter Moon Day! Mysteries Abound – Grab One From Second Wind Publishing!

July 10 Last or third quarter moon. The moon is still a mystery despite our travels to that glowing night orb. Celebrate mysteries with a book from Second Wind Publishing!

An Altar by the River by Christine Husom
Book III of the Winnebago County Series

The death wish of a young man unveils disturbing activities of a hidden cult and the cover-up of an old shooting death case. The Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department race to find the man with a fatal mission before the cult does. Who will find him first?
Other books by Christine Husom: Buried in Wolf Lake and Murder in Winnebago County

She Had to Know by Coco Ihle

Two sisters, separated by adoption, find each other and embark on a terrifying journey of discovery. Who is after them? The sisters are about to discover the secret a mysterious murderer will kill to protect. But, will the discovery save them?


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