Rubicon Ranch: Necropieces

I’m writing in the second installment of Rubicon Ranch, an online collaboration with other Second Wind Authors. One of my new characters is the brother of Mary “Moody” Sinclair, which some of you will remember from Rubicon Ranch: Riley’s Story.

Jackson “Jake” Morton has been running from his father’s legacy for the past few decades. As the son of famous horror author Morris Sinclair, Jake did everything possible (including dropping his famous last name) to distance himself from the Sinclair clan.

Now, at the worst possible time, he’s put himself back into the game with his family. His father goes missing about the same time Jake shows up in town. His sister Moody can’t be trusted – after all, during their tumultuous childhood Moody tried to kill him and Jake didn’t feel much in their relationship had changed.

But, Jake was at a point in his life that he needed the redemption he could only find by confronting his past. His mentor and employer had told him purging was good for one’s soul. What Jake’s fellow zealots didn’t know was how far Jake would need to go to cleanse his family’s malevolent stain.

So, I’m having fun writing two character for this installment. A brother and sister at each other’s throats. Add to that, the misplacement of dear old Dad and the entire area barely recovered from the death of a child, and we are all having a great time.

The best part of writing a collaboration with other authors is the weight of the entire story is not on my shoulders. I’m responsible for a portion of the tale and, since I excel at writing short stories, this is right up my alley.

Come see us at Rubicon Ranch!

J J Dare is the author of two published books, several short stories and triple digit works-in-progress.

Current enthusiasm is sharpening intangible knives and co-authoring at Rubicon Ranch

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  1. Jan, I love the way you use words — the misplacement of dear old dad? Funny and chilling at the same time. This should be a fun collaboration. I’m thrilled that I get to continue with my poor widow Melanie, who is Moody’s next door neighbor. I’m looking forward to seeing what mischief everyone gets up to.

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